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Sun Splash Case Study

What does California mean to you? That question was asked of me and the answer was supposed to inspire the design of this piece. I collected pictures from magazines of images that represented what I thought of California and made a collage. There were pictures of sunsets, sunrises, palm trees, hammocks, ocean waves, green foliage, oranges, etc. This collage reflected how California makes me feel; serene, satisfied, replenished. However, I did not grow up in California. Where I grew up there were no palm trees or ocean waves, not much foliage and it was definitely too hot to relax outside. The closest thing to California for me was the local wave park. So, I combined these two environments and created Sun Splash. The chaise is an outdoor lounger that is beautiful yet comfortable. The foundation of the chair was inspired by the wave park and is based on the structure that holds up a slide. The balance of the chair was inspired by a hammock stretched between two palm trees.