Bella Furniture Design
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Mission Statement:

Bella Furniture Design will enrich the discerning individual`s home environment through custom, handcrafted furniture, accessories and design elements.

Have you been to the local furniture store and cannot find exactly what you are looking for? Do you have a space in your home that you want to fill with that perfect piece of furniture? Are you looking for something that no one else can get? Do you want a showcase piece for your home?

Bella Furniture Design can help. Bella Furniture Design is a custom woodworking shop located in Phoenix, AZ. We offer custom made wood furniture, accessories and decorative elements for the residential client. Bella Furniture Design features high quality, handcrafted items; designing and building one piece at a time to any design specification requested.

Brittany Elliott is the owner, designer and builder at Bella Furniture Design. Brittany holds a degree in Interior Design and has over five years of woodworking experience.

Brittany was inspired by her grandfather Howard Menzel, a master carpenter himself. The buzz of machinery and the smell of fresh cut wood remind her of the connection she shared with her grandfather. Motivated by that connection along with wood shop classes, she fell in love with woodworking and turned her attention to building a career out of it. This ultimately led to the creation of Bella Furniture Design.

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